Social Media and Marketing for Authors

Most authors know they need to use social media, but many don’t know where to start. Perhaps you already use social media in your personal life but aren’t sure how to deploy these powerful tools to market your book. Or perhaps you’re bewildered by the whole enterprise and don’t know Instagram from Twitter from Linked In. Whatever your starting point, I can help. As a published novelist with over ten years of experience in book marketing, I have a unique perspective on social media, books, and how the two can work together to boost discoverability: the key for any author in today’s competitive, complex and often confusing publishing world.

 What’s Included in a Consultation

·       A digital audit of your existing platforms to assess your foundation prior to our meeting

·       A ninety-minute consultation during which we will determine audience, communication style, digital preferences, and goals

·       A customized social media strategy packet that will include platforms chosen, audience demographics, comparative titles, and more

·       An introduction to analytics and a sample dashboard to track your progress

·       A comprehensive how-to packet that lays out everything you need to implement your customized social media strategy

·       Access to me via email for a period of one month to answer follow-up questions and provide feedback


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