For the last several years, I’ve taken some time over the holidays to write down my goals. As I went to add my 2016 goals (survive with my wits intact?) to my trusty black Moleskin, I took a moment to peruse my goals for 2015 and 2014. I had big plans to follow-up with this exercise—even going so far as to schedule check-ins in my Google calendar—so you know I meant business. The check-ins happened sporadically, because life. The goals themselves were audacious: get a novel published, find a true and lasting love, make bank (or at least more than piggy bank) at my day job. And lookie here! Ring on the finger, galley on the shelf, healthy-looking saving account. I’m not bragging I’m telling you, if you do nothing else this resolution season: write it down. It’s no secret (and it’s definitely not The Secret) it’s just the simple fact that writing something down makes it real: a sort of binding contract with yourself. So write it down, bonus points if you tell a friend and make them hold you accountable. While you’re at it, tell ME! How are you taking on the world in 2016?