Who is the Monday Muse? She’s that best friend you count on to kick your ass hard, but believe in you twice as hard. She’s here to wake you up early, but she brings the good coffee. She’s wearing her steel toed boots because she knows that inspiration is worthless if it doesn’t come with hard work. She doesn’t care if you’ve got an advanced degree or any degree at all, she doesn’t care if you’re published or prize-winning, beloved or bestselling. She cares about where you’re going, about putting one foot in front of the other, and she’s gonna keep that wild flame burning to light your way. She’ not here for the excuses and she’s definitely not here for the haters. She’s no airy-fairy, she’s the avenging goddess of butt in chair, show up on time, sleeves rolled up, fall down get back up. She’s the high priestess of the unstoppable, unshakeable, un-shout-downable. She’s here for all of that. And friend, if you’re here for that, she’s here for you. #themondaymuse